Best GPS Tracker for Kids 2023

best gps tracker for kids
best gps tracker for kids

The world is moving faster with advanced theories, and as a result, blessings of science and technology are visible everywhere. Today, wherever you travel or wherever you wish to go soon, all the information is kept by GPS technology. GPS or Global Positioning System makes it easier to find out any person or place around the world.

In this advanced world, it is getting quite tough to control kids by their parents. Being a parent, you may not tell where your kids are going or what they are communicating with. Are they making any connection with any criminals, smugglers, or any inappropriate persons?

The best way to catch your kid’s location is by using the best GPS tracker. But do you know which is the best GPS kid tracker in the world? If you can’t, then let’s find out the answer to today’s topic.

The 8 Best GPS Tracker for Kids in 2023

In this particular stage, we will discuss the eight best GPS kids trackers with their advantages and disadvantages so that you can judge them very closely. Point to note that all the trackers mentioned here are reliable and sufficient to cover your spying needs. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start knowing them.

1.mSpy – A Complete Package of Tracking Solution

When people think of getting a complete package of reliable tracking solutions, they choose the mSpy software. mSpy is a great software that has been continuing its glorious journey for more than 11 years. Day by day, more people associate with its outstanding services, and especially to earn their satisfaction, the app adds more anticipative features every day.

Besides, mSpy always works best for providing accurate and 100% data protection security. Installing the app is so simple, and even any non-technical person will easily handle its controlling panel. mSpy has 35+ innovative features, which are relatively enough to track someone’s activities.


  • It is easily installable with any smartphone and PC platform.
  • The installation process is hassle-free and comparatively easier than others.
  • It has 35+ customizable features.
  • The simple User Interface is designed for optimal usability.
  • It comes with exciting subscription plans.
  • Available installation options for Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iOS users.
  • 24/7 active customer care support.
  • It has earned a vast customer reputation.


  • It doesn’t have any trial option.
  • Adult people can quickly delete the app.
  • It doesn’t provide all the services under one package.
  • Each package comes with limited device tracking options.


mSpy has three different pricing sections:

  • The Single month package comes at $48.99/mo*.
  • The Three-month subscription plan starts from $27.99/mo*.
  • And, the Yearly package costs $11.66/mo*.

2. Jiobit – Friendly Monitoring Service

Jiobit is a special kid’s kid-friendly monitoring device that has a huge reputation worldwide. Its awesome and unique design makes it more popular compared to other devices. Moreover, this tracking device comes with a custom app management system. So, once you put the tracker in your kid’s bag or relevant places, you can remotely check his tracking activities easily.


  • It provides a real-time kid’s location every time.
  • It is a hidden GPS tracker for children.
  • Jiobit is a lightweight and user-friendly device.
  • The app works great on the 3G network.
  • It shows 100% accurate location data.
  • Jiobit offers a free trial version.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • It’s an eco-friendly tracker.
  • Jiobit looks unique, and it’s so small to handle.
  • This device can be used for different purposes.


  • It only shows the last two day’s location history.
  • The Jiobit app isn’t very effective.
  • It is quite costly to buy.
  • It has no voice communication support.


It has three exciting subscription plans. The monthly package starts at $14.99/month, the 6-month contracts cost $12.99/month, and the two-year-long package starts at $8.99/month.

3. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker – Smart Monitoring Solution

Cube key is a small and creative tracker. It is designed with a cube shape so that it can fit pretty well in hand. Moreover, this popular smart monitoring device can provide the last located area in its app management system. Besides, it has Bluetooth activation power where you can remotely measure the power capacity of the device and continuously track the location.

The overall performance is satisfying for most of its users, and it is considered a great value for money.


  • It is lightweight and fits perfectly in any place.
  • It comes with a water-resistant feature.
  • The square-shaped design makes it more unique.
  • It is best for finding special items.
  • The cube key can be hung with your precious item.
  • It has a long beep notification sound system.
  • It is great as a giftable item.
  • It is easily carryable to any place.


  • It has a shortage of tracking coverage.
  • Cube Key has a short battery life.
  • It doesn’t have any notification light.


The device will cost $24.95.

4. AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker – Best Personal GPS Tracker

If you plan to give a well-known GPS tracker to kids, then the AngelSense personal GPS tracker would be a great choice. This is a small, unique, and attractive GPS tracker specially built for monitoring children’s activities. As a parent, you may don’t want your children to go to unwanted places.

So, what would be the best companion to locate their location? AngelSense personal tracker will help you to get the exact locations all the time.


  • It comes with a 6-day long battery life.
  • It is based on sensor activities.
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • The tracker can be used as a key ring.
  • It is a small and cute tracking device.
  • It can be presented as a gift for your children.
  • It has a voice communication feature.
  • This tracker has a wandering alert system.


  • It costs a lot per month.
  • The tracker has limited voice minutes.
  • The battery capacity is very low.


The complete package comes at $69 with a subscription plan.

5. Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker is a popular smart tracker that comes with great brand value all over the world. It is a living tracker device with an accurate tracking solution. If you want to track your kid’s location with a well-optimized tracker, the Samsung SmartThings tracker will provide all the tracking benefits under one section.


  • Samsung Smartthings tracker uses the LTE-M network to provide the best tracking coverage.
  • It always shows real-time locations.
  • The tracker has a Geo-fencing feature to restrict internet surfing.
  • This innovative tracker is designed with the IP68 full waterproof protection facility.
  • It offers a better battery life capacity.
  • It’s a durable product.
  • It is an eco-friendly product.


  • It costs a lot.
  • It looks fresh, but it is a heavyweight tracker.
  • Bigger size.


The main device costs $98.85, and after that, the user needs to get an additional subscription by adding more money.

6. Tracki Mini GPS Tracker Magnetic

Tracki mini GPS tracker is fairly known as a well-optimized tracker for monitoring kids and other special people. Tracki is one of the most reliable tracking devices that have active SOS service. When any parent wants to locate their children’s location history, they believe in the Traci mini GPS tracker. More than 190+ countries are using this tracker device, and they are quite happy with its services.


  • It ensures an accurate location tracking service.
  • It reasonably works in any vehicle.
  • It has an active SOS alert service.
  • Motions are activated ideally.
  • It has an active Geo-fencing service.


  • The Tracki app is not user-friendly.
  • Costs are a little bit higher.


The main device costs $28.88, but users need to buy a monthly package along with it.

7.Relay – Reliable Spying Partner

Relay is another popular small GPS tracker that comes with advanced tracking facilities. It is more than an ordinary tracker because it can provide immediate communication with a real-time tracking solution. Just like the name, Relay is a reliable tracking device to keep your faith correctly.

As a user, you can keep this child-tracking device hidden, and it works silently to get the best tracking records.


  • It is a rugged and fully water-resistant device.
  • It provides quick tracking reports.
  • It works with GPS for 100% accurate data.
  • It costs less.
  • Relay is best for tracking devices.


  • It doesn’t have 911 or emergency access.
  • It has no Geo-fencing support.


The main device costs $49.99, but users need to buy a monthly package along with it.

8. Find My Kids Parental Control App

Find My Kids parental control app is a popular and smartly controllable GPS kid tracker. It is specially designed to track real-time children’s locations. Additionally, users will get supportive monitoring features like Geo-fencing, notification alert support, location history, security system, etc.

Moreover, the app is compatible with all sorts of mobile platforms, and you can remotely control all the activities through the official Find My Kids app.

It’s a free tracking app. Just install it and enjoy.


  • It has a quick and smooth tracking app.
  • It offers a real-time location facility.
  • A notification alert is available.
  • Find My Kids app is protected with strict security.
  • It is known as a GPS tracker sim card finder


  • Find My Kids is not a properly optimized app.
  • The app management is not user-friendly.


Finally, it is indeed to say a good GPS kid tracker undoubtedly comes as a complete package of monitoring services. Yes! All products have advantages and disadvantages, but if you look deeply, you will notice mSpy is standing at the top compared to others in the list. Now, take the final decision and monitor your kid for a better future.

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